Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jiwa besar

Ini adalah kata-kata daripada individu berjiwa besar yang mencetuskan gerakan kemerdekaan Mesir apabila beliau ditangkap oleh pihal tentera dan di pukul ketika dalam tahanan selama 12 hari .
Wael Ghonim, Google executive the activists who organised the protests, on CBS’s "60 Minutes" tells about his release after 12 days of detention by the Egyptian army:

"I removed my blindfold and I said, 'Hi,' and kissed every one of them.All of the soldiers.And, you know, it was good.I was sending them a message."

Ghonim said the beatings were "not systematic".
"It was individual based, like, and it was not from the officers. It was actually from the soldiers. And I forgive them, I have to say. I forgive them, because one thing is that they were convinced that I was harming the country. I'm sort of like a traitor, I'm destabilising the country. So when he hits me, he doesn't hit me because... he's a bad guy. He's hitting me because he thinks he's a good guy."
(dipetik daripada al-jazeera)

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